steampunk heart

Category: Stanzas and Sayings

is ocean a poem
i think so
containing as it does
and flow
and longing
not to mention the sheer primeval swoosh
and breeze
how about breeze
of course
freedom in one word

arriving/dreams of home

often now i dream of home


not the place of coming from

nor all the places i have been

that to me were only home

through accident of being

the places my belongings were

at any given time


on being a goddess


goddess of homefire

is elegantly and modestly


no specks assail her


i approach the stove

with  my bucket of wood

just chopped

my mucky gloves

and my plastic apron

that says



my son watches


today at the shapeshifter cafe

today at the shapeshifter cafe

cold winter gave forth cats

and dead brown leaves of ivy

dripped honey balm

for the restoring of lost souls


spiders glad to be loved

danced finespun vials

for sweet elixirs of birdsong