steampunk heart
Stanzas and Sayings


I bought an arab flute
it brings me joy
dreams me away
on drifting sounds

its not a mirage
my flute
my joy
a piece of somewhere else
a peace of somewhere else

peace in my small universe

on this sound
I am free.

If I had found my way to music when I was younger I never would have wanted to do anything else. A lightbulb moment exactly halfway between being fifty-five and fifty-six brought an old dream back and I determined, entirely from scratch, to follow the dream. Four years of Bel Canto voice lessons and some cello followed and I loved it all. A dream became a passion. I bought a piano, djembes, things to strum, things to blow.

Now, more than a decade later, my adult autistic son and I , like so many others, live in the small Universe of our own space, spending sunny afternoons in the garden. He loves world music, as do I. As a new project (and one that is transportable to the garden) I bought a ney….an Arab reed flute whose design is as old as the pyramids.
It’s magic, it brings us joy.

Peace be with you in difficult times.