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Questions we don’t ask

Questions We Don’t Ask.

There is talk of things returning to normal.


The privileged will rule, own two homes and pollute the Planet with spot-free SUV’s.

The elderly and disabled will sit alone, and sometimes in their own pee, waiting for

                                                                           their fifteen minute assistance visit.

Racism, sexism and every other unpleasantism may now be conducted at a safe

                                                                            distance, out of doors as well as in.

Wearing of masks is recommended and a blind eye will be turned to white pointy ones

                                                                            with eyeholes in absence of available PPE.

Women have continued to disproportionately clean toilets and care for children,


                                                                            so no change will be required here.

Very large bills will have to be footed.

The poor, vulnerable and ethnically othered have been sicker so it’s only fair if they

                                                                            pick up the tab.

Boris Johnson is exempt because he went to Eton.

The economy must not die.

Ryanair will fly.

The Planet will cry.

There is talk of things returning to normal.

What’s normal about normal.

Questions we don’t ask.