steampunk heart
Songs and Spells

The Beara Suite….a work in progress.

The wilder a place is the easier it is to hear the songs it is singing. West Cork’s Beara Peninsula is one such place….still wild, still unspoiled, still free. Taking three aspects of its unique character as inspiration I’m experimenting with expressing them in sound. The ( eventually ) completed Suite will be a vocal triptych comprising ‘Striae’, ‘Erratics’ and ‘Ogham’. Striae and Ogham are both, in their differing ways, patterns of lines on rocks….the first made by the hand of nature and the second by the hand of humankind. Erratics, in composition at least, crash through the middle of the two symbolising disruption and displacement. In reality they’re often weirdly shaped rocks deposited by glaciation. I like the songs they all sing and especially I like the spells they cast.

Sometimes my sound experiments work, sometimes they don’t. They’ll make their way onto here sooner….or later.