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The Fuck It List

My bucket list only has one thing left on it which makes its status as a list questionable and I keep it superstitiously to myself anyway. The Fuck It list is slightly longer and comprises worthy things I don’t really want to do but know I’ll regret if I don’t. Top slot for a long time went to ‘complete the Ph.D’. The irony behind this is that the circumstances that did for the doctorate were exactly those I was researching. Believe me, one pokes the patriarchal psyche at one’s peril…think monkeys that use sticks to raid termite nests. My aspirations regarding this have changed though and not just because I’m now far too old for it to be of any use to me. The field of academia that I once worked in, wherein this subject belongs, is now such a circus of absurdity that I wouldn’t want to be there and they most certainly wouldn’t let me in. So, after going rogue and spending quite a few years researching under my own steam ( chiefly by talking to lots of men ) the top slot now goes to…….

Write the book !

Because if I don’t do it before I take up cliff-diving I probably never will.