steampunk heart
Stanzas and Sayings

today at the shapeshifter cafe

today at the shapeshifter cafe

cold winter gave forth cats

and dead brown leaves of ivy

dripped honey balm

for the restoring of lost souls


spiders glad to be loved

danced finespun vials

for sweet elixirs of birdsong

liquid gems on shelves of

brilliant blue


and all the while

forgotten mothers

crooned longing into

smooth confectioneries

melting like love on the tongue

tasting of embrace

and brimming with distant dreams

of home


today at the shapeshifter cafe

crow brought us twigs and

damp leaf mould for the making of a

rich soup of sustenance

sprinkled with a well transmogrified

dust of despair

And served with piping bread of heaven


an ordinary day at the shapeshifter cafe


in all our days

at the shapeshifter cafe

we have turned your

cruelties into song

your perfidies into laughter

and your dark maleficence into life


and if perchance

you should pass by

and glance in through our

real rose windows

you would not





but then you never did believe

in magic

did you